2017 Milan Design Week: Tokujin Yoshioka & LG Collaborates To Light Up The Prestigious Event

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    Design Design Mar 31, 2017 06:09 PM EDT


    2017 Milan Design Week will be illuminated by Tokujin Yoshioka & LG. This year the two big names will be joining hands to bring the most innovative approach to lightning. They will be installing large grid glowing chairs to be "SF Senses of the Future."

    According to Dezeen, the "SF Senses of the Future" is a cutting edge technology that is made of 17 glowing chairs. The goal of Tokujin Yoshioka and LG is to bring a new perspective in light technology. This is also part of 2017 Milan Design Week's mission to bring new trends in the industry.

    "When we were children, we freely imagined the future and we sensed our destinies in our dreams, and SF Senses of the Future is an expression of science fiction, technology, space, and life highlighting the state of LG's technology," Tokujin Yoshioka said about the 2017 Milan Design Week lightning. "The installation is a poetic phenomenon that can only be described as a tapestry of light - a truly futuristic dimension which confounds and transcends the human senses," he continued.

    The science fiction approach of Tokujin Yoshioka and LG will even let guests interact with the 2017 Milan Design Week lights. In relation, the two wants the people to see how usual everyday objects may be incorporated to innovation. It's all about human-centered design for gearing for better future through technology.

    In another report by Designboom, it stated that 2017 Milan Design Week will be LG's first ever debut in the yearly event. The Tokujin Yoshioka collaboration is likewise part of the company's anniversary celebration.

    While LG is showcasing its passion for design and innovation in the 2017 Milan Design Week, Tokujin Yoshioka will anyway be displaying its prowess in creating designs that largely reflects humanity. The design studio is heavily known for incorporating human complexities in all the things it makes.

    As a team, Tokujin Yoshioka and LG will surely bring the house down for the 2017 Milan Design Week. "SF Senses of the Future" is definitely a must-see as part of the event's incredible exhibitions.

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