ESPN Studio to have first LED Studio Designed by Ferri Lighting Design & Associates

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    Design Design May 28, 2014 07:28 AM EDT


    Ferri Lighting Design & Associates recently announced the details of their lighting project with the new flagship ESPN “Sportscenter” studio at its headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut.

    The studio , which is the first LED studio deployment for the sports channel, will have an almost fully-lit interior in LED. In addition, FLDA also installed Prism Projection’s Power Net which will bypass the standard DMX cable to provide data over power solution on the studio’s power lines. With this, the ESPN Sportscenter currenly has the largest Power Net installation all over the world. The “Sportcenter” studio is also the largest ESPN studio, covering almost 10,500 square feet of the Bristol headquarters.

    FLDA also provided the lighting design and installation for the headquarter’s Sky Deck which has a suspension grid systems that runs above the studio.

    The project was headed by Bruce Ferri, FLDA’s senior designer. This is not the first time Ferri worked with ESPN, though. Prior to this project, Ferri also designed its Bristol Sportscenter in 2000 and 2004 when he was still connected with New York City Lights. Ferri also provided the design for ESPN’s NASCAR Pit Studio wherein he provided a full LED rig installation for the trailer during the NASCAR Races.

    Ferri said, “The ‘Sportscenter’ design is as much a showcase for power efficiency as it is an achievement for ESPN and we are delighted with the results, particularly given the significance of this installation.” He added, “I have seen several iterations of the ‘Sportscenter’ studio over the years, and this one marks a true milestone for LED lighting.”

    FLDA has received several recognitions and has built a worldwide reputation for their works on sports studio installations. Aside from ESPN, FLDA has also worked with other studios including MLB Network.

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