GE Introduces Comprehensive LED Portfolio to Meet Consumers’ Needs

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    Design Design May 28, 2014 07:31 AM EDT


    GE Lighting releases its new LED portfolio which features most incandescent-like lighting fixtures including 40 new LED products to meet every consumers’ needs for energy-efficient LED lighting.

    John Strainic, GE North America’s general manager for Consumer Lighting said, “ We know that when consumers think about energy-efficient lighting, many are deterred by the memory of early CFL bulbs produced by some manufacturers and we want them to know the with GE LED lighting, there are not trade-offs.”

    According to IMS Research’s projection, LED bulbs will become the most popular technology by 2016. With prices going down, sales for LEDs are increasing as well. To accommodate the consumers’ needs, GE partners with major retailers such as Walmart to make their lighting accessible for everyone.

    In addition, GE incorporates wireless technology with GE ‘telligent. Along with Lutron Electronics, this new device allows wireless dimming as the LED is embedded with Lutron’s Clear Connect. The remote can control up to 10 light bulbs and it is the perfect bulb for those who are into DIYs as the bulb can be screwed into place the same way as a standard bulb thus there is no need for any rewiring procedure.

    GE’s latest LED portfolio includes LED options for ceiling flush-mount fixtures, LED work lights with hardwire connections and LED options for enclosed fixtures. With the new products, consumers will be able to integrate LED lighting with their exiting home lighting applications.

    Strainic said, “While no other technology has enabled us to explore these exciting, new opportunities with lighting, we know we need to guide consumers through this fundamental lifestyle shift from the way they’ve lit their homes for more than 100 years.” He added, “We’ll continue to put consumer needs and preferences first as we develop our LED lighting products.”

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