Skulls: The Newest and the Unexpected Home Decor Trend

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    Articles Articles May 28, 2014 08:05 PM EDT


    Skulls have been a visible design motif in fashion for a while now. For example, in 2011, skulls rocked the show of the late designer, Alexander McQueen at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and it skyrocketed into fashion prints and accessories thereafter.

    Perhaps because often times home decor takes its inspirations from the runway or from history, skulls are inching their way into our homes. In 2013, Two’s Company released a collection for jugs and plates incorporating images and skulls. 

    This year, these fun yet creepy skinless heads are becoming a trend in home furnishings. During the High Point market show this season, Noir introduced skulls into their collection with printed skull images and hand guns on their pillows and metal skull bowls on coffee tables. Currey & Company, which produces unique lighting concepts also recently incorporated them into their product lines under the direction of Cecil Adams.

    The collection included a lamp with black silk shade with a silver skull. Another would be the skull-printed upholstery on French-inspired gold antiqued chairs.

    “Some people want to put this look into Goth” Adams said. “But I say it’s much bigger than that. It’s rock, chick and very sophisticated. It doesn’t just include skulls images but also incorporates black metal, thorns and metal beads.”

    According to Vicki Payne, host and producer of “For Your Home,” most of the consumers of this new trend are those who are hip, non-traditional and affluent. Mostly, they come from the bracket age of early 30s to mid 50s. These style watchers and trendsetters are also most likely to wear dark, well-tailored designer clothing.

    Indeed, this new home decor trend is for the bold. The ones who would appreciate being surrounded with thought-provoking, unique and interesting pieces that reflect their quirky nature. As the chandelier inscription at the Currey & Company says, “Fortune Favors the Bold”, this style is most likely to favor the fearless.

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