London’s V&A Museum Hosts The London Design Festival: Plans Revealed For 2014 Edition

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    Events Events Jun 07, 2014 12:58 PM EDT


    From September 13-21, London’s V&A Museum will play as host to the key events of London Design Festival and participating designers have already revealed their proposed designs for the exhibit.

    London-based designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby are planning to install giant reflective panels rotating overhead at the Rafael Gallery in the museum. This will be done as an installation for the BMW Exhibit will will bear the title “Double Space.” The panels will have a flat piece on one side an a convex part on the other and will be arranged from end-to-end.

    The panels will spin in a choreographed fashion of being in-sync or opposing each other. The surfaces will reflect the artworks and the visitors within the gallery and has the potential in “altering the perspective of the room.”

    Barber and Osgerby said, “We wanted to give the V&A a large-scale piece.” Osgerby added, “There’s something beguiling about having so much weight moving so gracefully.”

    Architect Zaha Hadid is commissioned to create a structure for the John Maedjski Garden inside the museum. Hadid will then transfer the structure to the ME Dubai Hotel after the festivities. Inside the garden will be “The Drone Aviary” installation by Superflux. Visitors can interact with the unmanned aerial vehicles here.

    Outside of the museum is an exhibit called “A Place Called Home” supported by Airbnb. Designers Ilse Crawford, Raw Edges, Patternity and Jasper Morrison will be creating their interpretations of the ideal home in Trafalgar Square. Crawford said that the exhibit “will change our idea of what design is.”

    Hadid, Norman Foster and Terence Conran along with seven other architects and designers will be working with young designers to create pieces from American hardwood within the project called “The Wish List.”

    Global Design Forum talks and panel discussions will be at the Southbank Center while four large exhibition will take up Earls Court.

    London Design Festival will take place within six official districts all throughout one week in September with parties, exhibits and launches.

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