Top Interior Design Tips You Can Hone In On During Quarantine

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    Architecture Architecture Jun 11, 2020 11:55 AM EDT


    This year started out with proclamations of interior design trends such as earth tones, antiquated tapestries, and dark painted doors being in and cool tones, industrial design, and open shelving being out. However, with COVID-19, we’ve all realized that function matters as we’ve spent some much time in our homes this spring.

    Whether you’re just plain tired of looking at the same walls or you plan to sell your home and find some new walls, below we’ll talk through some of the top interior design trends and which upgrades are best when it comes time to sell your home; all of them will be easy to complete while practicing social distancing with a little help from internet shopping.

    Earth tones

    In this COVID-19 world, we’re all craving a bit of nature. According to Elle Decor, earthy tones and accessories are all the rage. Finding furniture and accessories that imitate nature’s elements, such as wood and plants, can make you feel connected to the great outdoors, even if you can’t get out there yourself.

    2. Multifunctional space
    According to Elle Decor, “With households experiencing remote working and learning at home, multifunctional spaces have become one of the most relevant interior design trends 2020 has seen.”

    From using the kitchen for a multitude of work and homeschooling functions to creating areas for working out in underutilized spaces like the garage or mudroom, many of us have leaned into this trend.

    3. Home office

    Having an office in the home has become more than a nice amenity — it’s a must-have and another one that Elle Decor called one of the most relevant trends of 2020. Entrepreneur suggests going with warm colors for the home office. To stay on trend, perhaps opt for olive green or yellow ochre, as Elle Decor suggests.

    Here are a few more tips for setting up the perfect home office for you. And when it comes time to sell your home, here are some tips for staging your home office.

    4. Mixed metals

    Choosing both hardware and furniture of mixed metals is simple, but making it work in a cohesive way can be challenging. According to, it begins with choosing a dominant metal, the same way that you would a color palette.

    How do you choose? “Those who favor more contemporary designs should focus on using stainless steels. Those who want to create a truly modern space should opt for chrome fixtures or an on-trend polished copper. For Tuscan and farmhouse styles, brass is a classic choice,” the freshhome article reads.

    The next step is to match the finish, whether it be polished, brushed or satin, or oiled. Then find some element that uses both metals, such as wall art or decor, and showcase it. Then find a statement piece, and you’re all set.

    5. Upgrades

    Ask any home improvement store employee and they’ll likely tell you that home improvement is the trend of 2020. And when making home improvements, it’s always good to know that they’ll work for potential buyers when it comes time to sell, otherwise, you’re throwing money down the drain.

    HomeLight, a property-tech company that matches consumers to top real estate agents in their areas, conducted its Top Agent Insights Survey in March, and it looked at what top real estate agents find to be the most impactful home improvement projects for homeowners.

    The survey found that 98 percent of agents said buyers prefer neutral tones over bold ones, with 79 percent preferring gray tones and 9 percent wanting beige tones. And 36 percent of agents say that accent walls are out!

    To learn what other home improvements you can make for a high return on investment, check out the infographic below.

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