'Built By Women NYC' Promotes The Role of Women In The Design Industries

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    Architecture Architecture Aug 22, 2014 03:53 PM EDT


    The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation has developed a fresh platform for women in the design industries to be recognized for their contribution to the city of New York's aesthetic development. 

    The foundation created Built By Women: NYC to acknowledge 100 constructed projects that have impacted the city's urban landscape in a monumental way, in hopes to generate additional exposure for the program's female members and their work.

    The idea behind Built By Women is to help alter women's roles within this male dominated industry. Supporters are encouraged to submit completed jobs in which a woman entirely executed the design direction for a structure existing in New York City.

    "The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation achieves its mission by documenting women's work, educating the public and transforming industry practice through collaborations with museums, professional organizations and other groups in the areas of architecture, design, landscaping, engineering, technology, real estate, and construction."

    Nominations are officially being accepted online and will continue until Oct. 31, while the top 100 finalists will be chosen and revealed at the end of the following month. You are welcome to submit your own project or nominate another female of your choice. For submission requirements and further information, see BxW NYC.

    According to Interior Design, "BWAF plans to spotlight the selected projects throughout the coming year with maps, walking tours, educational materials, and local events. "

    The plan is to excite women of all ages who are considering joining the urban planning industries and to inform them of the achievements made by professional women. The program hopes to build their confidence to show that they too can become a effective visionaries.

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