Samsung vs. Apple: Sammy Knocks Apple's Ingenuity, Claims iPhone 7 Will Be Galaxy Note 4 Ripoff

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    Technology Technology Sep 30, 2014 04:51 PM EDT


    Samsung's latest dig at Apple's new iPhone 6 models also takes aim at their successor.

    A new print ad from the South Korean tech giant was discovered by Phone Arena with a clear shot aimed at their competition.

    "Dear Apple, here's a headstart for the iPhone 7," the ad reads above an image of the Galaxy Note 4's blueprint.

    As BGR notes, either Samsung isn't aware of Apple's naming tendencies - the iPhone 6S is expected to follow the iPhone 6 - or is saying that the company's 2016 flagship will be like a 2014 Samsung flagship. This would be similar, of course, to the recent inforgraphic Android fans released that compares the iPhone 6's tech to the Nexus 4, a device released in 2012:

    I couldn't help myself, sorry.

    - Ron Amadeo (@RonAmadeo) September 9, 2014

    With Apple's new iPhone offerings spurring record pre-orders, Samsung has certainly been making sure consumers know, well, they've been doing what Apple is doing now for a couple years already.

    The new Sammy "Then and Now" marketing scheme even points out that initial complaints from tech bloggers about the Note 2 are the same reasons why some are lauding the new iPhones - specially the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. The attack on their new phablet rival didn't go unnoticed, as one might expect, as droves of consumers who viewed the ad Sunday during its debut raced to their devices to tweet about Sammy's new slam, Mashable notes.

    The ad is just one of several from Samsung mocking Apple's new smartphones, with two "Genuis" employees starring in another trio of ads that took similar jabs at Apple's new selling points.

    "We've been waiting two years for us to do something groundbreaking. Here it is. A bigger screen," one actor in the video says, to which the other replies, "Wait. A bigger screen? Every other phone has a bigger screen."

    The advertisements also take note of the iPhone 6's lack of an S Pen and even jabs at Apple's "Genius" bar and its new smartwatch.

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