This Couch Changes Its Shape Depending On Its Need

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    Design Design Feb 26, 2014 11:25 AM EST


    Are you one of those people constantly rearranging your living room? If so, these sofas might interest you.

    Lovesac "Sactionals" are couches that disassemble like LEGOs and can be reassembled into a number of different furniture designs.

    Shawn David Nelson, the founder and chairman of the company, set out to make the world's largest bean bag chair a few days after he graduated from high school in 1995. He bought 14 yards of fabric, a bunch of beans and used a pattern inspired by a baseballs to make the bag. The 1970s spirit behind it led to the name "Lovesac."

    He sewed the first Lovesac oversized bean bags on his mother's sewing machine and delivered them himself. A major break for the Lovesac was a partnership with Red Bull soon after, which found if they had the bean bags at their promotional tents, people were more likely to hang around and sip the energy drink. The company went through some ups and downs and has since expanded to produce other forms of furniture, including Sactionals.

    The "cross between upholstery and LEGOs" uses two square pieces come together to form many different shapes.

    A couch can be made into two chairs, a queen bed and even non-traditonal seating.

    The upholstery, which fastens underneath the Sactional is also machine washable and comes in a variety of colors.

    They start at $1,400 and reach nearly $6,000 for larger sofas. Of course, the larger the sofa, the more design options you'll have.

    Here is a video showcasing some of the possibilities.

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