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What To Avoid Doing If You Have a Small Living Space

Feb 19, 2017 05:46 AM EST Some designers share their knowledge on how to avoid common mistakes when decorating small spaces.

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Now’s Your Chance To Turn Your Treasures Into Top Interior Design Features

Feb 17, 2017 09:15 AM EST Interior Designer Lesley Taylor tells you how you can use your treasures as top design features to personalize your home!

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5 Pink House Decorating Tips For All Ages

Feb 16, 2017 07:20 AM EST Transform your home to great from boring now! Learn here how to use the pink color to finally achieve that best home look.

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Quick-and-Easy No-Sew DIY Projects Made for Your Home!

Feb 16, 2017 11:28 AM EST Are you jealous of those who can easily make fabrics into home staples? You can now do that sans sewing!

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What Happens When You Opt To Work With A 3D Interior Design Company

Feb 16, 2017 07:34 AM EST Interior designing is also taking the leap of advancement in 3d interior design but still uses styles and design in both history and the modern day approach.

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4 Instagram Users To Follow For Interior Design Fans

Feb 16, 2017 06:13 AM EST Get inspired and learn more ideas in interior designing with these 4 of the expert stylist active on Facebook.

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An App That Helps Redecorate Homes Using Filters Similar to Snapchat

Feb 16, 2017 04:25 AM EST A new app has just been launched and it allows users to get free interior design ideas for their homes.

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These Lamp Designs Will Make Any Room a Work of Art

Feb 15, 2017 07:22 AM EST Cozo Lamps are lamps whose patterns give the room an artistic and spiritual feel.