Newly found hidden artifacts. Architecture

Hidden Artifacts Discovered In Forbidden City, Palace Museum To Preserve 55,000 New Items

Apr 07, 2017 05:07 PM EDT Authorities at Beijing's Palace Museum said they have discovered 55,132 new artifacts of great historic value inside the Forbidden City.

World's Longest Elevated Cycle Path Is In China Architecture

China’s Longest Elevated Cycling Route Is Now Open

Mar 20, 2017 04:47 PM EDT The longest elevated biking path in Xiamen, China is already open and its only open for bikers.

China's First Cycleway in Air Starts Trial Operation Architecture

China Inaugurates Longest Elevated Cycling Path in Xiamen

Mar 13, 2017 10:48 AM EDT China has come up with the longest elevated cycling path in the world based on the proposal made by Xiamen students some years ago.

The Shaolin Flying Monk Theater Architecture

Flying Monks are in this Awesome Architecture

Mar 12, 2017 11:53 AM EDT These flying monks literally take to the air in this amazing architecture made by Mailitis Architects.

China Tower Bridge Architecture

China’s Plagiarized Tower Bridge Sparks Culture Identity Crisis

Mar 06, 2017 04:38 AM EST China's cultural architectural identity is being threatened now by the country's own copycat buildings. Find out here its possible negative impacts.

Qunar Corporate Video (Qunar/YouTube) Technology

Stock Market Game Of China's Qunar Is Over; Company Settles Acquisition To Private Company

Mar 03, 2017 10:33 AM EST The stock market game of Qunar is officially over as it's removed from NASDAQ after now becoming a privately held company.

buildings under construction near the People's Bank of China Architecture

Bengbu Museum: China’s Prime Example of Urban Planned Architectural Structure

Feb 27, 2017 08:51 AM EST Bengbu Museum is the prime example of China's successful urban planning structure. Find out more about it here.

China Pollution Architecture

Can 'Nanjing Green Towers' Soon Fight China’s Pollution?

Feb 19, 2017 12:54 AM EST China solves air contamination problems wth "Najing Green Towers." Find out here if it can really make a huge chnage about the growing threat of air pollution in the country.