New lightweight floor slabs. Architecture

New Concrete Floor Slabs, Gothic Construction Techniques Inspired ETH Zurich

Apr 24, 2017 11:56 AM EDT Gothic construction techniques commonly used in the 19th century has inspired ETH Zurich to devise lightweight and concrete floor slabs.

Million Dollar Prices Become The Norm As Auckland Property Market Soars Architecture

Construction Innovation 2017 Ideas: Creativity Hopes To Change An Industry That's Lagging Behind

Apr 03, 2017 02:26 PM EDT Construction innovation is a key element of the 2017 PrefabNZ CoLab conference discussion as attendees hope to save a lagging industry.

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Brexit Bill: UK Housebuilding Industry Will Lose 176,500 Workers Soon; Alternatives On The Way?

Mar 17, 2017 09:29 AM EDT Prime Minister Theresa May just recently announced Article 50 or Brexit Bill's soon monarch go-signal. Find out here the alternatives the homebuilding industry look into now to combat it.