This Y-Shaped House With A Rooftop Swimming Pool Is An Unconventional Form Of Architecture

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    Architecture Architecture Feb 14, 2017 08:37 AM EST


    A Y-shaped house with a rooftop swimming pool has been the object of curiosity as it embraces unconventional architecture. The house is a proposal made by Dutch architects.

    Modern architecture is always looking for the next best thing that would break the boundaries of conventional architecture, one of these ideas is the Y-shaped house with a rooftop swimming pool. This unique proposal of a modern house shows the structure LITERALLY forming into a 4D giant letter Y. The roof of the house splits into two forming the fork of the letter. The swimming pool is directly located in the middle of this said fork. The sides of the pool are made of glass that would appear to be like a giant aquarium propped in the air.

    To add to its unconventional flare, the Y-shaped house also contains circular windows scattered all around it. The purpose of these windows is to give the residents a good 360-view of the outside of the house. The house is ideal for the outskirts and rural areas of the city. According to the architects, this was built as a holiday house for those working in the city, as they do not have enough space to have swimming pools in their residences.

    As of the moment, the Y-shaped house is in its planning stages but already has a location: in the outskirts of Tainan City in Taiwan. This design won the competition to change the design of the area called the "T-axis part of Tainan."

    According to the Domain, the article that featured this proposal, the Y-shaped house is uniquely detailed. The body of the Y contains a master bedroom, an ensuite, and three other bedrooms. The fork of the Y contains the dining area, and the open-plan living with custom-built furniture to complement the floors. The house also contains a small moat with shallow water and water plants that follow the principles of Feng Shui. If this would be made, this house would definitely be bright and breezy. A great living space if I may say so myself.

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