LEGO Real-life Playhouse Will Open Soon! Experience Bjarke Ingels Group 'Cloud of Interlocking Lego Bricks' [VIDEO]

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 10, 2017 10:14 AM EST


    After receiving good remarks on movies, LEGO is once again making waves on the web. This time, it's all about the toy's giant playhouse. In essence, Bjarke Ingels Group's designing an actual place where LEGO-themed experience will not only be a game.

    According to Archdaily, the "BIG-designed LEGO house" will be open on September 28 at the toy's corporate campus in Denmark. It's estimated 12,000 square meters that will house the iconic plastic brick's exhibitions and activities.

    "This will be an amazing place where LEGO fans, their families, and friends can experience - or re-experience - the playfulness of the LEGO universe," BaekkenGeneral Manager, LEGO House Jesper Vilstrup said. "All activities are related to our philosophy that creative play promotes innovation," he added.

    Bjarke Ingels Group is spearheading the completion of the place. It designed LEGO house's exterior look with 21 white brick-shaped blocks topped with one another. It will have different colors coming from the textured clay tiles.

    In addition, Inhabitat also shared lots of interesting facts about Bjarke Ingels Group's LEGO house. In essence, its interior is just as amazing as the outside look it will have.

    The play and learning area will approximately receive 250,000 guests annually as predicted by the toy brand. LEGO's nine playgrounds, Ole Kirk' square, Byens square, Bakken will surely entertainment them.

    "Home of the Bricks" will be divided into four ticketed zones highlighting the experience zones. Each space will include lots of enjoyable LEGO-themed rooms. The red zone is for creativity, green zone is for social play, blue zone is for cognitive abilities and lastly, yellow zone is for emotion center.

    Lastly, tickets for the LEGO attraction site will be available starting this June. Make sure to grab early and experience right away Bjarke Ingels design.

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