HIV & AIDS Latest Updates: Housing Works Uses Architecture To Change Lives

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    Architecture Architecture Feb 17, 2017 06:11 AM EST


    HIV and AIDS continue to ravage New York, but the city stands tall despite the problem. In answer, Housing Works, a non-government organization, lends a hand with architecture to change many victims' lives.

    Housing Works is known for their thrift stores and bookstores around New York City. On the contrary, many might not know that it also serves as a home for HIV and AIDS sufferers.

    In a report by ArchPaper, it highlights the impacts of Housing Works architectural projects to the lives of HIV or AIDS victims. The organization's advocacy is to provide homes for all who experiences oppression and discrimination because of it, thus shaping their futures further.

    The huge social movement is finally now an architecture and design voice which urges the mainstream society to face the damaging effects of HIV and AIDS. It creates a window where people can peek in and understand everything about it thus making more efforts towards it.

    As stated by Fastco Design, Housing Works plans to still continue their lifeline legacy through architecture. They want to create more homes that will serve as a healing place because they believe that no one will rehabilitate without a proper space to get better.

    The institution adheres to the approach of "Harm Reduction" in HIV and AIDS. They largely educate the victims on how to avoid possible more infection thus lessening the impact of the disease.

    "Harm reduction was an HIV reduction strategy." Housing Works Co-Founder Ginny Schubert said. "We believed, and were proven right, that access to housing was the way to begin a road to recovery rather than the reward for succeeding," she added.

    Housing Works is presently involved with Act Now, End AIDS movement which hopes to end the epidemic in the US not only in New York City. They will do this until the government would understand the stand non-profit organizations like them can do so it will finally listen to their cry.

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