Sweden Shockingly Gets Call From North Korea About Architecture

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    Architecture Architecture Feb 17, 2017 06:46 AM EST


    The architecture world was once again shaken after North Korea gave Sweden a call to learn more about its innovative take on designing and constructing buildings. Find out here how the two countries found a common point with structures and establishments.

    Swedish remarkable architecture comes alive with woods anchored on sustainability and climate concepts. At the moment, the country is also undergoing a strong urban transformation. In essence, this must also be what North Korea found to be fascinating that it recently expressed interest in its premier architectural university in Stockholm.

    As stated by Architectural Digest, North Korean Ambassador Kan Yong Dong made a call for KTH Royal Institute of Technology to discuss a possible architectural learning collaboration with his country to Sweden. He was received by Dean Per Franson which immediately extended an invitation of a visit.

    Upon arriving, the two heads were immediately deep in conversation about the stunning architectural diversity of Sweden and everything about KTH's curriculum. "I explained how our school is organized, the requirements each student must fulfill, and the great emphasis we place on sustainability by incorporating the concept into each one of our courses," Franson explained.

    On the other hand, Local Sweden, Sweden's resident newspaper, additionally rounded also more information about North Korea and its country's talk about an architectural association. Climate perhaps was one of the most important issues Dean Franson and Ambassador Kang Dong discussed while in the meeting.

    At the end, the ground shaking change in the history of architecture brought another chance for North Korea and Sweden to step up their game in the creating more designs and buildings. They have cemented the possibility of partnership proposal.

    In all, North Korean Ambassador shocking phone calls to Sweden massively change the flow of architecture in the world. Who would have thought of such high chance, sometimes just a point is all there to start a good relation.

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