Next-Generation Apple AirPods Case Could Charge Other Devices

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    Technology Technology Apr 13, 2017 09:30 PM EDT


    Latest findings reveal a next-generation Apple AirPods case as an inductive charger. Although the concept seems simple, it could bring a lot of benefits to future Apple customers.

    Apple is considering adding a secondary charging system to the AirPods case that would double as a portable wireless charging dock and potentially recharge other Apple devices on its outer surface. The wireless AirPods accessory, which has ideated the next-generation Apple AirPods case, has been the top-selling item for Apple, and termed a "Cultural Phenomenon" by Apple CEO Tim Cook, according to 9TO5Mac.

    Apple has listed some possible future products that could be recharged by the next-generation Apple AirPods case. The devices included are portable MP3 devices and Apple's iPod devices, portable video players, smart telephones such as Apple's iPhone devices, video cameras, digital still cameras, projection systems, gaming systems, and Apple's iPad devices, as well as MacBook and computers.

    Some devices in the list are fashioned to provide video, audio, or other sensory output. However, Apple has revealed plans to follow up thoroughly on the patent filing, which will bring a bright future the next-generation Apple AirPods case if successfully approved.

    The patent docs reiterate the provision for the next-generation Apple AirPods case which serves to potentially output power to other Apple devices. So far, Apple's claims have been quite bold, especially considering the tendency of patent filings to be as broad and far-fetched as possible. In fact, a dozen of interesting inventions is reportedly derived from that same patent group, according to Patently Apple.

    But let's also hope that the next-generation Apple AirPods case would not be as bulky and rather, user-friendly. Let's also be reminded that the charging case would travel a long way from patent to product, not to mention, only a small number of the former ever make it to the latter.

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