Piracy News: The End Of Pirated Content Might Be Nearing As Google Teams With Microsoft For Its Removal

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    Technology Technology Feb 22, 2017 04:26 AM EST


    Recent piracy news suggests search results relating to pirated content might be wiped off search engines real soon. Google is one of the Internet's biggest search engines.

    Along with Google, Microsoft's Bing search engine is also a popular choice of Windows users. Millions of web surfers take advantage of search engines by looking for piracy news or piracy-related material on a daily basis.

    However, with Google's recent team-up with Microsoft, piracy might one day be a thing of the past. According to CNBC, the U.K. in particular will be receiving significantly lesser results in search engines, for pirated material.

    Tech giants Google and Microsoft are teaming up to give piracy in the U.K. a heavy beating. The U.K. Intellectual Property Office called the anti-piracy news between Microsoft and Google, a "landmark deal."

    Although piracy websites are known to just rise from their graves whenever they're struck down, search engines are making sure that won't be the case for long. According to ArsTechnica, both Google and Bing will penalize websites who repeatedly post pirated content, by removing these sites from the rankings.

    This means that the first ten websites on the search engine's first page will be devoid of pirated material. The reduced visibility of these pirated sites will make them harder to be accessed by the public.

    The tech companies plan to place legitimate content on the first page of their search engines, in lieu of its respective pirated counterpart. In other piracy news, it seems that the fight against piracy is becoming global.

    A report from LifeHacker revealed that the Australian government is not taking piracy lightly. The Federal Court has ordered major internet service providers in the country, to ban five prominent torrent sites. If the battle against piracy continues to be this heated, then it won't be that long before piracy news becomes history.

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