Apple Latest News: iPhone, Spaceship Campus, AR Glasses Unveiled For The Year; Behind Google In Brand Value?

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    Trending News Trending News Feb 19, 2017 04:27 AM EST


    Apple is believed to launch a new revolutionary product later this year along with the grand opening of their spaceship campus and the unveiling of the next iPhone. Moreover, Apple is rumored to release a product related to augmented reality which may be a new pair of AR glasses. However, the company's brand value is said to have dropped in comparison to  Google.

    Apple Collaborates With Carl Zeiss To Create New AR Glasses

    Apple is said to be working with the optical manufacturer Carl Zeiss to create a new pair of Augmented Reality glasses. The American blogger Robert Scoble claims that Apple may release the Augmented Reality glasses this year, which may be timed in conjunction with the unveiling of the iPhone 8 in September. Furthermore, Apple is slated to open the spaceship campus this year.

    However, it should be noted that the innovative AR glasses may also be revealed at a standalone event, BGR reported. Several other credible sources have also confirmed Scoble's claims with the AR device. It should also be noted that Apple has invested heavily in Augmented Reality for some time.

    Late last year, Bloomberg also noted that Apple ordered several quantities of near-eye displays ahead of a planned product launch in 2018. In addition, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also issued a research note last year stating that Apple is developing new AR technology that would be completed in 3-5 years.

    First Quarter Performance Of Apple Was Fluke

    In other news, Apple recently revealed a good Q1 performance. However, it should be noted that Apple dropped behind Google in brand value. Furthermore, analysts have also predicted that the valuation may crater in a few months, Tech News World reported.

    Apple is slated to compete with Samsung Galaxy 8 this year. It is believed that the Q1 performance of Apple in non-repeatable unless Samsung persists with burning phones this year. Apparently, Apple is said to be trying to get suppliers to cut costs. Moreover, Apple also brought Qualcomm to court in an effort to move their profit to its own bottom line. Watch more Apple expectations for 2017 here:


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