Fix '1Password Failed To Connect To 1Password Mini' Error & Other App Fixes For Apple's Expired Certificates Problem

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    Technology Technology Feb 23, 2017 12:45 AM EST


    The "1Password failed to connect to 1password mini" problem has been bugging Mac users to no end, fortunately for every problem, there's a solution. Reports of crashing apps stemming from expired certificates are plaguing the Mac community.

    According to DigitalTrends, this includes errors from apps like the revolutionary calculator app Soulver. Of course, there's also the dreaded "1Password failed to connect to 1Password mini" password manager bug.

    The source mentioned that this problem arose from a particular profile that checks the legitimacy of apps. The "provisioning profile" is responsible for checking if a certain app is officially certified by Apple.

    Unfortunately, these profiles eventually expire along with an app-developers certificates. When this happens, the developer's apps are rendered unusable for the time being.

    Fortunately, some users and even developers themselves, are offering their solution in this particular problem. According to 9TO5Mac, 1Password developers AgileBits explained that they ignored and disregarded the certificate expiration since they didn't believe it would affect their app.

    However, this wasn't the case since the "1Password failed to connect to 1Password mini" glitch became apparent. The developer pinpointed the root of the problem, which was when Apple required "provisioning profile" in their apps following the release of Sierra. In order to fix this, AgileBits urged Mac owners to download the latest 1Password version from their official sites.

    This solution can also be applied to other apps that seem to be acting up due to the Apple certificate expiration. Developers strongly recommend users to check the official website of the apps that fail to launch.

    Downloading the latest app update directly from the respective developers' websites is the best workaround for this particular problem. Once developers have renewed the necessary certificates and updated their app, users can bid the "1Password failed to connect to 1Password mini" problem or other similar issues farewell.

    As for chances of this problem repeating itself in the future, AgileBits CEO Jeff Shiner assured users that won't be the case. Shiner guaranteed Mac users that they will be renewing their future certificates "far before" it expires. 

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