Nintendo Switch Latest News & Updates: Get The Console Even Without Pre-Order

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    Technology Technology Feb 28, 2017 11:27 AM EST


    Nintendo Switch is all set to roll out this week! And for those who didn't to get the coveted pre-order, here's another interesting way to buy the console. Also, its other details are included here.

    According to Polygon, Best Buy will be selling Nintendo Switch this coming March 3 while GameStop will also hold a sale online on March 2. Both of the retailers will offer limited quantities but they won't need pre-order for it.

    For Best Buy, 600 stores will be holding a midnight launch of Nintendo Switch. The console's quantities will depend on the place so the farther it is the better to fall in line early. Each customer will be handed tickets marking the slot they got. To take note, it will only have a ratio of one game per person.

    On the other hand, Forbes shared why it's best to really get Nintendo Switch. According to it, there are five excellent reasons and it starts it "Legend of Zelda: Breathe of the Wild." This alone is already a reason because it's a one-of-a-kind that's only in the console. Though, it also packs a number of excellent games too.

    Being a family-friendly gaming platform, Nintendo Switch is really commendable for everybody. For this, 1-2 Switch is the best game to play, it has 28 mini games that provide real fun. It's another edge is battery life which lasts for really long hours of playing time. PS Vita and iPad was actually just beaten by this amazing product.

    Nintendo Switch's controller is simply amazing as well. That's the fourth reason why this is a must buy. The Joy-con is responsive and easy-to-use; everyone will enjoy the experience it will bring. And finally the price, this possibly is the biggest draw of the console. With just $299, everyone can already a lot of entertainment.

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