MIT Solar Panels Can Camouflage! Another Revolutionary Design Spotted

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    Design Design Feb 27, 2017 11:53 AM EST


    Sistine Solar, MIT Startup just unveiled another outstanding technological design. This time in the form of camouflaging solar panels, this can mimic any home and other exteriors. "Aesthetic Solar" is the trend now to entice more structure owners into photovoltaic systems.

    Solar power in the United States is now getting stronger these last few years. The growth of photovoltaic made it more appealing even for residential homeowners. 

    According to MIT News, the dullness of traditional dull-looking solar panels is the biggest reason why most structure owners stay away from it. In essence, Sistine Solar's latest SolarSkin technology leans now towards the aesthetic features of the architecture as well. It can blend on any existing location it will be positioned.

    A post shared by Sistine Solar (@sistinesolar) on Nov 1, 2016 at 2:38pm PDT

    To take note, Sistine Solar started when its founders Ido Salama and Senthil Balasubramanian met as grad students at MIT. The duo along with US Department of Energy and Fraunhofer CSE joined forces to recreate solar energy. Their target is to introduce the use of solar energy to more people.

    "We think SolarSkin is going to catch on like wildfire," Sistine Solar co-founder Balasubramanian said. "There is a tremendous desire by homeowners to cut utility bills, and solar is finding the reception with them - and homeowners care a lot about aesthetics," he added.

    The fact that structure owners can save up to $30,000 a month on electricity while keeping their place pleasant-looking is a great combination. Hence, Senthil's thought about the rising success of SolarSkin.

    In Sistine Solar's website gallery, examples of installed camouflaging solar panels are displayed. Solarskin's diversity on roof kinds: Red Clay, Terra Cota, Bilbao, Grasslands, Forest Green, Sand Stone, Americana, and Walnut are simply amazing.

    "We envision the world where solar energy is iconic and inspirational"---the dream of Senthil and Ido are surely materializing now. In the future, more structures will have to camouflage solar panels and MIT will be part of it.

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