Suury Hills House: How Did A Dilapidated Terrace Turned Into An Amazing Open Garden-Kitchen Wonder

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    Architecture Architecture Feb 28, 2017 11:42 PM EST


    Benn & Penna Architecture just recreated a shabby terrace and it turned into a stunning modern garden-kitchen. Learn here how the design studio made it all possible for the Surry Hills House be an ideal place.

    The only aim of the house owner was to get a modern space where natural light can pass through. Hence, the lead architect Andrew planned every detail that will make the Surry Hills Home better.

    As stated by Dezeen, the possible biggest draw of the dull Surry Hills House was its dilapidated terrace transformation. Benn & Penna Architecture just recreated some of space's nook that would need some changes yet it didn't remove the personality it has already. The extension is a clear example of it.

    "The brief was to transform a previously introverted and dilapidated terrace house into one that is spacious and full of light," Dezeen quoted from the architects. "The client requested seamless connections between kitchen, living and dining spaces, as well as to the garden space at the rear of the property," they continued.

    The seamless Surry Hills House twist is now the openness of the other parts of the house to one another. For the kitchen, its cabinet and countertops are made to continue until outside. Then, a nice seat awaits those who might want to stay longer in the area. Through it, the owner is offered with an obscured view.

    In addition, Benn & Penna Architecture is an award winning design studio that specializes in residential and public space renovations. Its project has touched already homes from Sydney until the Hawkesbury River. And everyone truly loves their regard for the client's instruction, they listened then suggest better plans out of it.

    Lastly, Director Andrew Benn prides himself on the firm's budget-friendly and highly-personalized approach to business. With Benn & Penna, all homes could simply be like Surry Hills House. It can become stunning just the way the client wants it.

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