A 350 Square Foot Brooklyn Studio Apartment with Vintage Charm — House Tour

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    Articles Articles Mar 01, 2017 11:37 AM EST


    Named Sarah and Dan, a couple from Brooklyn boast of a brownstone house at the Fort Greene neighborhood that has been gaining an immense deal of popularity. A fine piece of architecture, the building emanates an amazing deal of charm with the exclusive features that it has to offer out. The theme of the teeny building has been chosen tin away so as to let out the pre-war essence in a complete way.

    Spread out over an area of 350 square feet, the ceiling floral medallion, the classic fireplace and the amazing high-ceiling are definitely something that is worth looking out for. According to Amando Blogs, the couple has been striving to keep the design of the house to something very minimal while keeping the modernism in it alive. As per the couple, one of the main problems faced by them was the small size of the apartment they had. It was making use of this space that they had to create something that would look quite comfortable and spacious.

    It is right within these 350 square feet that Sarah and Dan managed to incorporate their ideas and create out something quite exquisite. According to Community Scene, space happens to be a great place for friends to get together and hangout. Speaking of the designs that are there within the brownstone house, Sarah is the one who deserves most of the credit. Sarah is said to have a great taste when it comes to designs.

    Having inhabited in the place for more than 4 years, the couple seems absolutely in love with the place. However, there is one problem that the couple is said to reportedly have and happens to be their repeated efforts to keep the place clean and tidy. Despite all the good things that are related to the house, the stature of the house becomes a matter of embarrassment at times.

    Whatever be it, a home is always a paradise to be in.

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