Easy Redesigning to Make a Bathroom Looks Spacious

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 03, 2017 05:50 AM EST


    Updating a bathroom is never an easy task because most of the things in it are immovable. Changing the tiles might not be an option either because it will be too tedious and long, especially if there is only one bathroom in the house. So this article shares useful tips how to redecorate a bathroom without the need to make major rearrangements.

    One of the easiest changes a person can do to a bathroom is changing its lightning. Depending on the person’s preference, they can focus on white, combination of white and yellow or go totally yellow for a completely new look. For a more natural lighting, a person can change the glasses on their window like frosted ones so they can still have their privacy.

    Another notable change a person can do to a bathroom is getting a bigger mirror. Huge mirrors make the bathroom much bigger but don't take much space like other fixtures. Just carefully consider where to place the mirror because it can make a reflection-within-a-reflection which isn’t really good to see on a daily basis.

    According to Oprah, decluttering is also a good thing to do in the bathroom. This can be done by making new storage cabinets in the bathroom like a ceiling cabinet, concealed storage drawers, DIY cabinets anymore. The idea is to make it as discreet as possible so it doesn’t take much space from the bathroom.

    For those who can afford to spend a little more in redecorating their bathroom, they can also consider building floating displays like a floating vanity fixture, according to Homes. Just like the mirror, it will not take any floor space yet helps improve the ambiance of the room. Changing the color of the tiles can also help particularly if the bathroom isn’t white. White bathrooms are the easiest to redecorate as it can adapt to any theme the person wants if ever they want to change it again in the future.

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