Buy Now! Koi Fish Designs Magically Appear On These Beverage Coasters

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    Design Design Mar 03, 2017 09:41 AM EST


    There are different innovative designs that just give awe and wonder and these beverage coasters have a secret: Koi fish designs magically appear on it when heated. The illusion looks so realistic and entertaining.

    There are not many designs for small housewares such as beverage coasters and this Koi fish designs are just utterly magical. Take this set sold in the Designboom shop for instance. The coasters look normal at first glance but the moment heat (from warm or hot drinks and surfaces) touches these coasters, a trigger happens and suddenly patterns appear.

    Although this type of material is not rare as there are mugs where secret messages appear in mugs when hot water fills it inside, the uniqueness of these beverage coasters come from its realistic Koi designs. In Asia, especially in feng shui, Koi fish symbolizes the trials that individuals experience in their lives. This happened due to the history of the Koi fish. It started when an emperor gifted Confucius a Koi fish during the birthday of his son. The Chinese raised these Koi fish in rice paddies to eat during winter. The tradition influenced the Japanese and its culture and so they raised Koi fish as well. Knowing the advantage of having such fish, they made ponds to breed these Koi fish especially during the winter months when food was scarce. Suddenly, they found themselves in awe when they saw the Koi fish and their different patterns and decided to breed them.

    The beverage coasters that contain these Koi fish designs may be a symbolism to the feng shui tradition, as they appear when there is heat and heat may symbolize trials. The coasters look beautiful as is as they are triangular and look like they are made of stone. The coasters come as a set as if like puzzle pieces wherein you can connect them together to make it seem like the popular Koi fish canals or ponds in Japan.

    Inno.Park is the company behind the creation of these beverage coasters with Koi fish designs. These heat sensitive coaster sets show the Koi fish when heated but the design disappears when it cools down. You can have your own for just 50 USD. Hurry and enjoy a little piece of Asia in your homes now!

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