California Dreamin' In A Bold & Bright Sausalito Home — House Call

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 04, 2017 06:02 AM EST


    Jennifer happens to be a proud and beaming owner of a sprawling apartment in the Sausalito region of California. Cloaked with some of the most beautiful sceneries of nature, the apartment happens to be her favorite spot to hanging out after a tiring day at work. Right from the design and décor of the apartment, all the way to the extensive furniture that has been put up makes every bit of the space more than just inviting.

    According to Apartment Therapy, the furniture that has been put up in the room has been drawn from the classic show put up in the Alameda Antique Fair. Every piece of the Sausalito home is custom designed in its own terms. In fact, if you do take a look at the colors and the designs that have been used for the furniture, you get an idea of the amazing taste of art that Jennifer herself has. However, she does contribute the credit to a great extent to Mark Pellegrino, a local artist.

    The house happens to be guarded by the amazing sceneries of Angel Island, Richardson Bay, Belvedere Sausalito Marina and hills of Tiburon. This gives Jennifer quite a deal of versatility when it comes to the selection of a place to relax in. She can either do so by the magnificent pool that she has or she can gladly row out to the bay. According to Anygator, the prime attraction of the Sausalito home in terms of amenities happens to be a granite counter, ensuite bath, and the wooden floors. Simplicity is the main thing that sets the apartment apart from the rest in the area.

    Just in case you are one of a kind who loves enjoying the greenery around you, then you might definitely fall in love with the apartment just by the look of it. Ample of air, sunlight and a refreshing place is all that you would want at the end of it all.

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