Luxury penthouse to be installed in Herzog & de Meuron's Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

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    Design Design Mar 03, 2017 11:08 AM EST


    The term luxury penthouse certainly does bring in a feeling of something very cozy and out of the common to stay in. However, not all penthouses are the little wooden ones right out of your favorite novels that you have been cherishing for years. Modern architecture has brought about an amalgamation of old architectural ideas with modern technology to bring out something absolutely magnificent each time.

    Herzog and de Meuron has been a renowned name in the field of modern architecture. Hamburg has been the most recent of all places that have witnessed its magic and charm. A complete philharmonic hall is now due to be the home for one of the most magnificently designed penthouses that you have come across. According to In Your Hands, the penthouse being built for an anonymous client is stated to be worth £6.5 million pounds in all.

    The 24th and the 25th floors of the gigantic building have been reserved for the purpose of creating the penthouse. The completion of the task will include the name of the luxury penthouse in some of the finest architectural pieces that have been created in the recent years. According to Deezen, the penthouse comprises of 1000 components on an individual basis. The creation if these components will include the usage of some of the best and the finest machinery that the world has seen.

    A wooden framework is supposed to be the framework of the entire structure including the columns and the curved walls. A homogenous surface is to be created with the use of a quality plaster that is fine grained in nature. The entire model of the penthouse has been created in a computerized manner with every inch of the same being accurately measured. New to the world as it might be, the building to the first among the no contamination league of its own.

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