Handy Tips: How To Dry Paint In Less Than 30 Seconds!

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    Design Design Mar 13, 2017 11:00 AM EDT


    Homemakers and DIY enthusiasts often find themselves handling different types of paint when decorating or revamping their homes. For those who prefer using Latex paint due to its odorless mixture and easy clean-up requirements, there is an issue with the long waiting time for it to dry. Fortunately, there is a way to dry latex paint faster and it is surprisingly simple.

    As a homemaker looking to revamp the old home, the first possibly question asked is what paint material to use. There is an option to use an oil based paint or latex paint, both of which have their pros and cons.

    According to California Paints, Oil based paints have a stronger odor as compared to latex. Moreover, oil based paint also has a longer drying time which makes the applicator wait longer to recoat. As for the cleanup measures, oil based paint requires paint thinner or turpentine to clean while latex simply needs water.

    Apparently, there are many who prefer to use latex paint as it dries faster, usually, it takes one to six hours, however, there is a way to make it dry faster. Since the user needs to apply several coats of latex paint before the project is completed, the drying time still makes the project time-consuming. Having the latex paint dry to the touch before reapplying may take more than a day if several coats are needed.

    Core77 has discovered Izzy's trick to drying latex paint and it makes recoating a breeze for your everyday homemaker. According to the Izzy's YouTube video, the secret is to use a propane torch. The first step is to apply the latex paint on the material evenly, naturally, touching the paint will cause it to stick to your hands signifying that it is far from drying. After applying the paint, proceed to carefully go over the piece with a propane torch. Evenly heat the surface with the paint and it will dry in ten seconds.

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