The Smith Center for Architecture Celebrates its 5th Anniversary

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    Articles Articles Mar 08, 2017 11:07 AM EST


    The Smith Center for Architecture had a blast as they celebrated their 5th anniversary and things have changed as they shared their progress and went personal. Read on to know more about them.

    One of their activities focused on asking passionate people on performance art the reasons why they appreciate the Smith Center and they displayed all the reasons for their 5th anniversary. Their 5th anniversary is on March 2017 but their accomplishment and influence reached a long way despite being around for just half a decade as they are up to their 2 millionth client. This just goes to show the type of services they that gather a favorable response from the clients.

    In their site, The Smith Center said that they gained many achievements even before they reached their 5th anniversary and they plan to continue on with more success. Located in Southern Nevada, the Smith Center garnered many patrons such as Joffrey Ballet, Itzhak Perlman, the Cleveland Orchestra and many more renowned performers and artists.

    Being one of the most visited places near Las Vegas, the Smith Center made sure to have a long list of activities especially now when they welcome their 5th year anniversary. Local website Las Vegas gave out a list of the upcoming events for this month as they celebrate their 5th anniversary. A variety of shows covers the list from March 7, 2017, all the way to August 4, 2017. So far, around 50 shows are part of the list. This list is not even final as it has yet to be updated.

     The Smith Center does not just focus on being a venue for the arts but they also helped in supporting local talents and giving back to the community. According to their site, they have education and outreach programs dedicated to supporting the local students and faculty in the school. What is even more advantageous is the fact that they do not charge the schools for it. They even have matinee performance for students to let them experience the center. This just shows that the center is not just a house for performances but a home for performers.

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