Utilize Every Inch Of Your Narrow Room With Better Storage Ideas

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 09, 2017 01:27 PM EST


    All of us are focused mainly on utilizing the space without wasting. Each and every room has different dimensions, width, height and depth, so it is always better to plan accordingly and avail it. These cases are tricky when the living room is small and also it should be flexible to keep the things as simple and tiny. This simplified room will help to experiment great opportunity of living in a narrow room.

    According to Apartment Therapy, though the rooms are not spacious, one can make space with better storage ideas. Organizing and allocating space for things will help to serve multiple functions. Narrow rooms will always pose a special challenge that will particularly focus on the space. A dime a dozen is a perfect saying to live in a narrow room.

    Living in a small and narrow room will enhance the creativity of the person. Organizing the space efficiently is also an easy way to sacrifice the design environment. Things like lightweight objects, chair, table etc. can be assembled and disassembled for long term usage. Antique desks will be the best option for a narrow room. According to Make Space, here are some of the techniques that will help one to manage a narrow room without causing a mess.

    •  Installing shelves will add dozens of storage in a narrow room.
    •  Clip binders and store cards will avoid tangling of the chargers and headphones.
    •  Usage of cloth hangers is also a method to use the space efficiently.
    •  Crown molding can be wielded as a shoe rack.
    •  Headboard will help in managing the books, spare lights, magazines etc.
    •  Laundry can be hanged at the backside of the door.
    •  Bed frames with drawers will also help in storing dresses, files or other items safely.
    •  Using old suitcases as a stack will help in adding a vintage and stylized look to the room.
    •  Bed sheets can be folded and stored underneath the mattresses. Floating shelves, pegboard organizers will always keep the room clean as well as spacious.

                    Sit on the storage.               

    • Hiding the keys behind the picture frame.
    • Window seat as a storage bench.

    All the above-mentioned ideas will certainly help someone to use the space efficiently without wasting an inch. Multitasking and creativity play a vital role in designing a narrow room. Including the above, the ideas also one must try to control the temperature and storage so as to as maintain a healthy living room. 

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