The Hot Kitchen Trend Giving White Marble a Run for its Money

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    Design Design Mar 07, 2017 07:13 AM EST


    Too many people try to cook in the new trend kitchen that is snowy with white marble. Trying to control or influence people to cook the desired food sometimes depends on the beauty of the kitchen. White marble is one of the dominant materials in maintaining the beauty of the kitchen. One can get more and more layered looks that will throw away the loneliness and anxiety.

    To design the favorite kitchen, one has to think more about longevity. Few of the homeowners prefer to paint the entire home in black including the closets. Later, they tend to renovate their houses with white marbles which in turn will take away sad feelings and moods and replace them with fresh and pleasant living environment. Moreover, if the person paints in black there arise certain restrictions while reselling it. 

    According to Stylebyemilyhenderson, the kitchen is considered as the "Heart of each and every home". People believe a kitchen is also a dwelling place for Gods. Whether the surface is made of tile or natural stone a kind of terrazzo, white marble always plays a vital role in adding beauty to the high-traffic kitchen. When the mix-and-match styling is done, it tends to segregate the diverse tones and textures.  Black marbles that are added as slabs will also give a perfect look.

    Just to get the feel of a bigger kitchen and more colorful, cement tiles are also added with white marbles. As Architectural digest says, the reminiscent style of tiles will always keep up the beauty of the kitchen.  Cabinetry with glass front will always provide an exemplary look. 

    There is nothing to think more about the white marble kitchen and the renovation of it. This awful lamination will attract the eyes of the buyers. Not only white lamination but also deep wrinkles and the other designs will also capture the buyer's attention.  Even though there are pros and cons, the main requirement of the counterpart should be white. The ultimate challenge is to find the natural white marble than opting man-made for the allotted budget.

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