Uber Just Got Permission to Use Self-Driving Cars Again in California

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    Design Design Mar 10, 2017 05:17 AM EST


    Uber Technologies can now legally use self-driving vehicles on the streets of California after receiving all the required permits from the regulators of the state. However, these vehicles will not be allowed to seat passengers in its backseat. No date yet has been given when the autonomous cars will be available to the public.

    Last Wednesday, the company announced that they finally have all the permits needed to start testing self-driving vehicles in California. Aside from the company, California has also granted permits to different companies to test and use the autonomous vehicles on its street. This includes Tesla, Alphabet, Ford and much more.

    It can be remembered that California regulators initially did not approve Uber’s self-driving cars because it will need a person to continuously monitor the vehicle. This made Uber consider moving their autonomous cars to Arizona where there are fewer regulations for autonomous cars. Fortunately, the company was able to fulfill all requirements of the state and was finally given the $150 permit, PC World reported. According to Jessica Gonzales, the spokesperson of California Department of Motor Vehicles, Uber is now given permission to test two kinds of its self-driving vehicle on its public roads.

    Despite finally acquiring the permit, Uber Technologies will need more time before they can have their vehicles ready to the public. Fortune reported that the company will now need to get regulatory requirements before they can officially test their cars.

    Uber Technologies Inc is a transportation network firm that operates in 528 cities in the world. The company operates an Uber app that allows people to book cars for transportation while giving earning opportunities to drivers with their own vehicles. Today, Uber has evolved their services to food delivery via the Uber website or mobile, UberPool where people can share the ride with other riders so they can share the fare, Package Delivery which is like a courier service and much more.

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