Behance's BLANK : A Smart Interaction Design while Branding

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    Design Design Mar 20, 2017 04:48 PM EDT


    Behance recently has launched its newest UI app design called ‘blank’. It is an user-friendly shopping app which makes the user shops easier. The design is made by Jaejin Bong and published via Behance. This app design does interaction between buyer and informant of a product while branding.

    Abduzeedo mentioned that this smart app is using an interaction design and branding approach by using the Q card. The creator is an designer who live in Seoul, Korea. Because of using the interaction design system as reported by, it is a design which makes the interaction between user and product possible, so Blank does. Even the user can throw any question while shopping by scrolling vertically the Q card at the bottom. This app would make users possible to access the price, where to get the item, where to get the lowest price, even the name or brand of user's wanted item.

    To start using blank, the user will be tested by the Q card after choosing their major. Once they pass the test, they can use the app. If the user wants to drop a question, there are some available pop-up questions and the user will just select the most relatable question after choosing a picture then post it. The Q card will help to find the answer.On the other hand, a professional user can answer a question by tapping the floating Q.  Then the user will be notified to get the award and enter the ‘Getting deeper’ level.

    Furthermore, the users will get the point to exchange it as the price off if they buy a/some item(s) using this app. To experience it, just simply click on cart or purchase button. In addition, this app provides “good-lock” for Samsung Galaxy S7 user(s). By using this “good lock” system, the user can access the Blank without unlocking their phone(s).

    Jaejin Bong has made this design by collaborating interaction design while branding the products as both hold an important role to spoil the user and to increase the brand rate. It is in line with the concept of good branding as mentioned that branding can be vitally important to make the customer interact and interest to use the product.

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