Ateliers Phi Leads the Trend in Sustainable Furniture Design

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    Articles Articles Apr 29, 2014 11:47 AM EDT

    Close has recently announced this year’s trends in furniture design which look towards customized furniture pieces, sustainable materials and promotes multiple functions. According to the top architecture and design blog, “Custom is usually noticeably different and different sparks conversation. People are now expressing their personality through their furniture more and more.”

    This direction has already been taken by Ateliers Phi, a Switzerland-based furniture retailer with Sophia Slingerland as its principal designer and architect. The company has been very active in participating in exhibitions and installations throughout the country. Their furniture are done with exquisite craftsmanship and are usually produced in smaller pieces to ensure quality of bespoke furniture.

    She said, “I’m glad that more people are seeing the appeal of custom designs.” Slingerland also said that although mass produced furniture is still preferred, a custom or unique piece of furniture can enhance the personality of the space.

    Sustainability in the use of materials is also a main element in Slingerland’s design. She sees to it that her designs use eco-friendly materials and sourced from local suppliers.

    In terms of multi-functionality, Ateliers Phi has also achieved this through their furniture pieces. One example is their Recycling Bench which provides three functions- to separate and store recycled materials and a chalkboard finish which can be used for note taking. The piece can be placed horizontally as a kitchen bench with under-storage or as a vertical column of drawers.

    “I started Ateliers Phi to push boundaries of design using innovative shapes, materials and structures to create a beautiful furniture with superb functionality. In order to do this, you have to remain flexible and inspired by your surroundings. It’s not enough to challenge the ordinary but you must aim to inspire on every level.”

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