The viable Google Hangouts split is the next big thing!

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    Articles Articles Mar 10, 2017 12:31 PM EST


    Undeniable as the fact remains, Google happens to be the lifeline of tech-geeks in the present era of technological outburst. Irrespective of the field of work, Google has been a life saver for millions at all times. However, recent reports claim that Google has been rethinking of modeling out its strategies in completely new ways for a few quite valid reasons.

    According to Tech Crunch, Google did seem to be quite happy with Hangouts are one of its prime enterprise products. Nevertheless, recent reports state that Hangouts might be on the verge of being split into two. The two distinct parts are proposed to be the Hangouts Chat and the Hangouts Meet. Though you are definitely going to witness a disappearance of the present Hangouts soon from the market, sources claim that it is not here to stay for a much longer time span.

    The Hangouts Meet is being created as a counterpart that will be dealing with the audio and the video calling section of it all. In fact, these two are being considered as the counterparts of Duo and Allo. In fact, the Hangouts Meet was said to have witnessed a slight peak in the market a few days back. According to PC World, the prime purpose of the meet is to bring about an increase in the speed of both the audio as well as the video meets that take place. Getting connected in the fastest way happens to be the main motive.

    It has been revealed that through all the above-mentioned efforts, the company is trying to bring about a further increase in its popularity among companies of both large and a small stature. Apart from this, it is bound to bring about an increase in the competition of the same with apps like the Google Skype as well. Both the versions of Hangouts Chat seem to be embedded with the latest features to make the entire experience more smooth and amazing. 

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