This Concrete House by Anako Architecture Looks Like a Fortress

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 13, 2017 10:47 AM EDT


    The folks at Anako Architecture let their imaginations go wild as they built a concrete house in Alpine Town that looks exactly like a fortress. It's a mixture of modern and medieval and the outcome looks incredible.

    Just recently, Dezeen magazine featured yet again another unique form of architecture that looks a lot like a fortress and is entirely made of concrete. Anako Architecture built this concrete house in the town of Savièse. The house sits atop one of the hills in this delightful Swiss landscape. It has rooms and patios where the residents can breathe in the delectable view of the mountains and the areas beside it.

    Anako Architecture, a Swiss architecture company, is in charge of building the concrete house that appears to be a modernized version of a fortress. Their usage of rigid lines as evidenced in their works and this sturdy dwelling place is nothing short of a surprise since their straight yet playful lines combine modern and classic architecture.

    The concrete house melds with its surroundings, as it appears to be sloping along the lines of the hill. It is not alone yet this fortress outshines the beautiful houses littered around it. Anako Architecture really knows how to play subtle yet striking appearances with their projects.

    What makes this concrete house appear like a fortress is that it contains blind walls made out of solid concrete that prevents people from looking at the interiors of the house. Talk about privacy and you shall have it seems like a good motto for this creation of Anako Architecture. However, the glass doors and windows pose as a good balance for the creation.

    The somewhat floor to ceiling glass doors and windows and the delightful greenery in between and around the house becomes a contrast with the harsh lines and the strength of the concrete in this fortress of a home. The concrete house does not reflect any design of its neighboring houses. The interior of the house relies deeply on the color for added warmth. The unique hallways and staircases prove that contrast is not as bad as it seems. So if you plan on having a fortress of your own, you might want to browse through the products of Anako Architecture.

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