Men's Fashion 2017: This Newly Designed Clothing Material Might Be The Next Trend

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    Art Art Mar 13, 2017 10:46 AM EDT


    Men's fashion 2017 trends come and go, but this new lab-crafted clothing just might be the next big thing that would remain in years to come. The fashion industry has incorporated various fabrics in clothing within the past decade.

    From wool, cotton, elastic spandex to even fur, there's always been some variation behind the new line of men's fashion 2017. However, MIT researchers have come up with a revolutionary fabric to be used in clothing and even furniture.

    According to ArchDaily, this highly-adaptive material is called heat-active auxetics. This material could be the next revolutionary step in men's fashion 2017.

    The difference between this material and any common material seen in fashion today is that, this reacts to various changes in temperature. Researchers at MIT have programmed this material to equally expand, while not making other parts of the clothing thinner in other areas when it stretches.

    While there's been some good innovations in the ever-evolving Men's fashion 2017 trends, there's nothing quite like this engineered material. The heat-active auxetics' adaptive attributes gives it the ability to be warmer when it's cold, and a lot cooler when it's hot.

    Furthermore, heat-active auxetics can be woven in fabric, shoes, body armor and even on furniture like tables. Emerging men's fashion 2017 trends won't be the only category that auxetics will shine in, it also has a future in interior design fabrics and architectural materials as well.

    Heat-active auxetics also has its other uses other than being a key fabric in men's fashion. This material can be utilized in industrial equipment such as mops, and even in packaging.

    Fashion historian Karen Antonowicz mentioned that, whatever's currently happening in the world directly affects fashion, according to MilfordDailyNews. Since we now live in an frequently-changing and adapting era, this makes the development of the heat-active auxetics all the more significant. This won't just translate to future men's fashion 2017 trends, it will also give way to architectural and design materials in the years ahead. 

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