Design Business Association Branch Out To Asia, Helps Create Opportunities For Smaller Companies

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 10, 2017 01:39 PM EST


    Design Business Association is planning to expand to the Asian region as they hope to promote brand distinction in Asian countries. The London-based association sees potential in Asia's economic growth.

    The company's expansion to the Asian regions not only helps their industry, it also helps out smaller design business in Asia to establish their branding. According to Campaign, Design Business Association Asia will start out in Singapore, with plans for a Shanghai branch to follow as well.

    They aim to build a massive group that comprise of 50 to 60 agencies that they hope to recruit. Cowen CEO Paul Galesloot stressed the importance of brand distinction.

    Galesloot recognizes the significance of Design Business Association in Asia. The Cowen CEO believes that the design business is more prominent now in Asia than ever before, specially with the rise of communications and tech businesses in Asian countries.

    The Design Business Association will help Asian design companies by equipping them with the right tools for the industry. The group will offer training and teaching starter design companies the tools of the trade.

    Design Business Association Asia is aiming to build a code of conduct, wherein larger, more established companies will pay higher fees, while smaller starter companies pay less.

    This creates better opportunities for companies that are learning the ropes in the industry. Design Business Association Asia also helps more prominent design companies to present opportunities for companies with potential for economical growth.

    Meanwhile, branch expansion isn't the only thing the Design Business Association group is working on. According to Design Week, the group is giving their website an overhaul.

    The company considered their website as "overdue" in terms of its design. To remedy the previously cumbersome design, the Design Business Association has now made the interface simpler and more concise. With the recent change, they hope that members will find the site much easier to navigate in and much smoother in searching for relevant research material.

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