Architectural Impact On Student's Mind

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    Articles Articles Mar 14, 2017 01:51 PM EDT


    It is usually pictured that a stable family, good guides, great teachers and well-established schools- are the most important key factors behind a student's success. These are the pillars behind the student's career. But a new report from the UK says that a school's or library's architectural design have a great impact on a student's mind.

    According to fast codesign, A paper published in the journal Building and the Environment states that- a school's architectural design can impact positively or negatively on a student's academic career by as much as 25% in early years.

    There are different design parameters of architecture. Among them- light, sound, flexibility and choice, connection, complexity, and color- have the greatest effect on a student's mood as well as his career.

    An exact amount of natural light entering in the classroom is good for student's mood and health. Whereas, flexibility is also needed to see how a classroom can accommodate all students without disturbing their comfort. Again well-furniture ergonomic chair-tables and rearrangement of them are also effective to teacher's and student's activities. Choice has to do with the quality of light and furniture. On the other hand complexity and color stimulates the visual health of a student.

    According to Pitt news, the U.S. department of education reported in 2012 that the students of brighter classrooms are scoring 20-26 percent more than the students with classrooms of less light. Kelly Spewock, academic chair of the interior design department, Arts institute, Pittsburgh, stated that from her 25 years of teaching experience she can assure that interior design can hamper student's mood. The orientation of space and desks can cause a student to concentrate more on a lecture.

    Successful companies like Google also believes that success depends on innovation and collaboration with workers. Despite being an old architecture Cathedral is helpful for student's mood because of its large space and big tables. Whereas, Pittsburgh's campus is really now a bit boring for students due to the same color tone, big empty campus, same type building. So new construction plan are being made for attracting student's mind.

    Canard Grisby, interim-university architect and senior project manager of Pittsburgh stated that natural light always creates a very comfortable, relaxing, and free atmosphere. This welcomes students more. Building and Environmental study 2013 shows us students who are exposed to natural lighting have become more powerful to attend lectures.

    So the impact of architecture has on a student's mood is huge. Architectural impact allows us to act and think properly. It makes a student able to put into effect what is actually in his mind. It may not have a direct relationship with mood but indirectly it can affect us through the time.

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