Pauline van Dongen Touch-Sensitive Denim Jacket Showcase at SXSW Conference 2017

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    Articles Articles Mar 15, 2017 10:15 AM EDT


    Dutch fashion designer Pauline Van Dongen has unveiled its tech-savvy denim jacket at the SXSW conference 2017. The brand new jacket has a special feature of being touch-sensitive. The Dutch designer wear strokes the back of the wearer as soon as it is touched.

    The SXSW conference 2017 featured a series of tech-savvy products being designed by popular designers. The touch-sensitive denim jacket has conductive fibers woven into it. The fibers in the Issho jacket connect body sensors with motorized parts. As soon as the sensors feel touch, they respond to it. It is not any particular part that experiences the response to touch. However, wherever the denim touch-sensitive jacket is touched, the wearer experiences reflexes.

    The one wearing the touch-sensitive denim jacket feel a "gentle stroke" on the upper portion of their back in response to touch. Pauline Van Dongen collaborated with Milanese brand Italdenim to produce the technological outfit. The costume is so designed that it could easily be machine-washed.

    "Issho motivates the wearer to be more aware and present through the sensations experienced when wearing the jacket," Dongen said as quoted by Dezeen. "Issho started with the newfound possibility of weaving conductive yarns into denim fabric to obtain a level of intelligence enhancing the body in relation to its daily surroundings."

    The Pauline Van Dongen's touch-sensitive denim jacket is a unisex outfit with a  high collar and a zip on the lower back. It is quite a secure costume. Pauline Van Dongen is known for his digital fashion designs ranging from a cardigan measuring elderly wearer's movement to apparels to display correct posture of the wearer.

    The SXSW conference 2017 was held from March 10 through March 19 in Austin, Texas. A wide range of designer wears was on display at the event. The event provides a platform for start-ups to unveil their music, technological, and film products. The event was attended by several start-up owners, including Young M.A., Lemon Twigs, OSHUN, and much more, Rolling Stone reported.

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