When 3D Printing Joins Medical Science

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    Articles Articles Mar 16, 2017 01:04 AM EDT


    3d printing has been a part and parcel of technological advancements in the recent years. In fact, you will hardly come across a field that has not yet been touched by the magic of 3D printing. However, skeletons have been a part that has been experimented with. It is this experiment that is being taken to the very next level.

    3D printing has now been amalgamated with the world of medicine to bring out new wonders. Marek Thielin is the student who is being accredited with having thought of such a great idea. According to FastCoDesign, a Ph.D. student at The Eindhoven University of Technology, it dawned on Marek that he could make use of the 3D printing process to bring about a real sensory feeling within a child made out of the same. It was the very idea that he began modeling the replica of a baby making use of the 3D printing process.

    It has been years since the project has been in process. According to Thenet24h, there have been several replicas and mannequins that have been a great success via 3D printing. The student, now a professional has made the best use of the techniques to give a completely new turn to the world of technology. Injection molding was also an additional process that was used. This process made sure that the heart was structured in a perfect manner with the pressure levels being absolutely accurate.

    One of the prime attractions of the models happens to be the amazing levels of accuracy that is present in them. Every bit of a real life baby or any other model has been catered to in the best possible way. The prime aim behind the creation of these models happens to be the utilization of them in several training rooms to help doctors help get a better insight to the surgeries they perform. Not much of a miracle, but this 3D printing definitely is a befitting example to help people know the extent to which technology has advanced. 

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