See How Elisabeth Picard Fuses Art, Design & Architecture Into One

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    Art Art Mar 16, 2017 08:28 AM EDT


    Elisabeth Picard is known for her revolutionary art piece collections. Each of it is a splash of art, design, and architecture as one. Find out here how the Canadian artist does it from her three best works. 

    In Elisabeth Picard's official website, it said that the Montreal-based artist incorporates natural phenomena and its impact to her masterpieces. She believes in the interaction of growth, transformation, and intricacy of a structure. 

    When she does an artwork, all the details are closely finished. The examples of it are her public works such as the East Angus CHSLD, Leisure Center of Beloeil, and  Alphonse-Pesant Elementary School.  

    For the East Angus CHSLD, it is called "Under the Big Tree." Elisabeth Picard made a huge tree with roots, leaves, and flowers from a fireplace to the ceiling on it. 

    The artwork is a wonder of art, design, and architecture. Its "tree" theme speaks of the evolution of life perfect for the social and health care center. The piece is well created that used aluminum, ty-trap bracket, and lightning. 

    While the artwork in Alphonse-Pesant school, it may be small but its pack with meaning. Elisabeth Picard loves integrating inspiration with her art pieces and this is exactly one of it. 

    Leisure Center of Beloeil new collections of lighting is highly distinctive as Elisabeth Picard's too. "Formations" is integrated with the architecture of the place while serving also as a design. All are made of steel, Ty-Rap headband and light place. 

    As stated by Contemporist, Elisabeth Picard's "Under the Tree" is a metaphor of the structure where it is. The place and its function for the community are much like a tree that gives life. 

    Elisabeth Picard always begin and finishes with an art that's "modern, original, and representative of both the place it's in and the people in it." And that's actually what she wants to achieve with her collaboration of art, design, and architecture. 

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