Sissi's Wonderland Library in Shanghai: The Definition of Learning Through Play in Architecture

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 14, 2017 12:09 PM EDT


    Muxin Studio did an amazing job for Sissi's Wonderland in Shanghai. The curving wood-lined library is now a wonder that highly encourages children to learn while exploring and playing. In essence, it just gave way for another milestone in the architecture field. 

    According to Muxin Studio official website, the architecture is part of an experimental child reading space project that looks into space, imagination, and creativity relationship. Sissi's Wonderland is the new definition of learning through play approach.

    For children, the tradition was more decorations for their study area the better. Sissi's Wonderland is changing the idea now. In essence, It's made like a "giant toy" where they freely run, play and interact.

    Muxin Studio used children perspective when it planned and designed Sissi's Wonderland. There are varying heights and colors of nooks, ramps, stairs, bookshelves and mini arches. It's like a giant playground that motivates children to be more social and creative.  

    Blowing bubbles is the idea behind Sissi's Wonderland's architectural design. The spaces are attached to its each other. Further, they also have varying functions that will surely ignite children "openness and independence." 

    Moreover, Sissi's Wonderland isn't only built for education. It's also a high-quality structure that ensures child safety and comfort in any way, they move inside it.

    As stated by Gooood, Sissi's Wonderland is a place where children potential is cultivated. It must be holistic so Muxin Studio also included nature in its design. There are surrounding plants in all of the place. Wood, green and white paints are also used. 

    Muxin Studio believes that everything from the materials uses in the architecture to its structure design will help on the experimental project. Sissi's Wonderland will aid in the study how architecture helps in more aspects of the society. 

    Lastly, Sissi's Wonderland is only the beginning of architecture and education collaboration. It's a milestone that cemented the progress of the profession from its old traditions. 

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