Sony Xperia Z5 Upcoming Update Will Fix Low In-Call Volume Problems

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    Technology Technology Mar 17, 2017 01:40 PM EDT


    Owners of Xperia Z5 have been experiencing issues during incoming calls. In Sony’s official support forum, disgruntled users have reported the issue after installing the Nougat update on their devices. Sony has acknowledged this problem and has just recently announced that the plaguing issue of “low in-call volume” in the Xperia Z5 series devices will be fixed in an update set to be release in the middle of April. This response is not likely the one that owners of the device would want to hear.

    The Android Nougat was released sometime in mid-January. The update brought a few useful improvements and features to the Xperia Z5 but it was stopped after a couple of days due to various bugs and issues. One of the issues was related to the audio playback via third-party apps. Although the OEM resumed and the OS roll out called that all bugs have been fixed, the issue on ‘low in-call volume’ was not resolved.

    In the meantime, The Android Soul reported that Sony has advised its users to perform a factory data reset to remedy the situation, but also to make sure to perform the necessary back up. Sony has also released an apology for any inconvenience brought to its user base.

    Moreover, other issues also emerged with regard to the headphone volume as well as the presence of imbalance of the top and bottom speakers. Sony has addressed this issue stating that the speaker calibration starts the first time you used the speaker and later requires that the loud speaker is idle for 30 minutes. The calibration is completed after up to ten hours.

    It seems that Xperia Z5 users will have to deal with the volume problem for at least another month. Sony also stated that the software will be rolled out so the timing and availability will be different depending on a particular market and carrier, according to Android Authority.

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