Nimuno Loop: Why You Should Hear About This LEGO-Tape Now!

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    Design Design Mar 17, 2017 09:00 AM EDT


    Nimuno Loop is a tape roll compatible for any Block system such as LEGO toys. This new innovation simply raised playing construction into a new level. The only thing is it's not on the market yet. In essence, find out here how you can help its designers and get one.

    As stated on Indie Gogo, Anine Kirsten, and Max Basler the designers of Nimuno Loop they posted on it the product on the site because they need financial help. As of now, the LEGO compatible tape is still in prototype though it's already green-lit for mass production. 

    Nimuno Loop makers are appealing to the public to help them raise funds for it. Kirsten and Basler said anyone may still help on their case. Just aid them in reaching the perfect person for the LEGO tape by sharing and talking on any social media.

    The LEGO tape's best features are its flexible, bendable, reshapeable, cuttable. In addition, Nimuno Loop convenient to stick anywhere because of its adhesive back.  

    In essence, the block tape is really an incredible product for everybody. With Nimuno Loop, anyone may build on any corner, curved surface, or absolutely just anywhere. Playing and building LEGO or block toys is never the same with it.

    To take note, Nimuno Tape is also useful to construct sturdy designs for LEGO or any of its kind. Stick it and be worry-free whether it will crash or not. 

    In another report by Archdaily, it said that Kirsten and Basler already their preliminary fund goal of $8000. It even extended to $867,864. As of now, the first batch LEGO-compatible Nimuno Loop is all for the summer launch. 

    The LEGO tape campaign is nonetheless ongoing for now. There's still time for those who might still want to grab a few of Nimuno Loop. Lastly,  it's available from $8 with 2x rolls to $500 100x coil.

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