Space Saving Furniture, Architecture From Peter Kostelov Has An Edge Over Others

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 16, 2017 10:58 AM EDT


    Space saving furniture and design usually involve a complicated set-up, however, a certain designer came up with something more convenient. Furniture design and architecture are two of essential elements in making the most out of small spaces.

    While maximizing small apartment space is quite ideal, the process isn't always that simple. Which is why architect and designer Peter Kostelov has come up with his very own space saving furniture, that can be "tucked away."

    According to Dezeen, Kostelov is prioritizing convenience in this project, with an emphasis on "effortless transformation." Other spaces saving furniture designs involve going through a tedious process.

    This is not the case for Kostelov's design, as he explained that his highly adaptable furniture can be set-up "in no time." The Russian architect's design can quickly change a living room into a bedroom or work room, whichever is needed at the time.

    Although space saving furniture designs aren't anything new, Kostelov just made things simpler with his approach to smoother transitions. Kostelov tested out his project at a tight New York apartment.

    The Russian designer not only maximized the tiny space, he also optimized it by placing space saving furniture in appropriate areas. For example, the bedroom area is placed at a section in the room that minimizes street noise.

    Aside from maximizing space, proper utilization of the small area is the key to creating effective designs. Which is why Kostelov is not alone in designing efficient space-saving furniture.

    According to Inhabitat, Danish designers are turning a small vacant structure into what they call "London's smallest house." Design firm Studiomama is making use of their space saving furniture to make the most out of the tiny area.

    Studiomama found the space saving conversion as "a great challenge" since they had to make everything "custom designed." The studio co-founder mentioned that they designed space saving furniture and interior in a way that's similar to a boat or caravan. This way, maximizing space by the use of flexible furniture is made convenient without looking awkward or out-of-place. 

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