Hudson Woods' Luxury Cabin House Is Now Available On AirBnB

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 16, 2017 08:34 AM EDT


    Hudson Woods is one of those idyllic escapes away from the busy city. It is a $25 million bet to suburbanize cabin life. The two-hour drive north of New York City is worth it because of the tasteful cozy and scenic ambiance it has to offer.

    Drew Lang, architecture-turned-developer, was the brainchild of Hudson Woods. He was interested in coexistence of architecture and nature peacefully combined. Lang has built 26 luxury cabins inspired by midcentury design and vaguely Scandinavian, according to Fast Co Design. Each cabin is installed with generous picture windows, slick appliances and exposed-beam ceiling and wood cladded interiors and exteriors. The design is very modern and beautiful.

    Lang has elegantly combined some of the most elusive designs that prospective home-owners seek which consist of modern amenities, a personal space that can still be bought off the shelf and ‘Instagram-worthy’ or picturesque designs. Developed in a 131-acre land, Hudson Woods are designerati-approved dream houses. Lang has scaled and packaged cabin life the way suburban homebuyers might purchase a tract house.

    The development started in 2015. All except two houses have been sold on an average of $1 million depending on customization. Most of the buyers of the houses were interior designers, graphic designers, architects, photographers, and advertising executives.

    The houses are built into different sites, which makes each cabin look different. Lang says that some people don’t believe that each houses are almost identical because the biggest differentiator in terms of the cabin is the site, which makes it look remarkably different.

    Hudson Woods has reached 16,000 followers in Instagram. Lang has reported that he has received numerous inquiries from prospective buyers who came across the Hudson Woods in Instagram. Meanwhile, for those interested to stay in this place can browse through Airbnb as homeowners of Hudson Woods have posted it for rent, which turns out to be a lucrative business nowadays.

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