Samsung Creates TV Designed By Swiss Designer Yves Behar And It Features a Unique Art Mode

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    Design Design Mar 17, 2017 02:16 PM EDT


    Yves Behar, founder of the San Francisco deisgn studio Fuseproject, has created a television for Samsung that is unbelievably indistinct from a framed piece of art when hung on the wall. It is dubbed as “The Frame” because it blends into the wall like a chameleon and appear as an artwork. It works by placing the TV flat against the wall and displays artworks and when nobody is around in the room, it turns off completely.

    The display of the TV goes into art mode when the television is turned off. In art mode, users can explore art by artist or genre and can select a serioes of photos, artwork or family photos, to be displayed. Samsung enlisted several artists like Luisa Lambri, Barry McGee and Todd Eberle who shared their works to be converted specifically for the the frame. The works of art are scanned and converted into a digital format with different colored mounting options to accommodate the artist’s preferences.

    The Frame is the first display that utilizes sensors to adapt to its changing environment with automated brightness, according to Fast Co Design. This type of display saves power as the television automatically switches off when it detects that nobody is present.

    The Frame can be installed through mounting it at the wall and the use of different materials so that it blends with the home décor. The conceptualization of the design of The Frame was done by Behar consulting framers from some of the world’s prestigious museums. For the design, it comes available in white, black and wood veneer

    Behar has worked with Samsung in 2015 to design a sculptural television. Wired reported that he was inclined in looking at the visual presence of a television in a room and thinking of how he could make it appear less obvious-particularly smaller in home and apartments. He developed the idea of the frame by hanging a TV among his own artwork in his home to see if it might blend in. Right there and then, Fuseproject team up with master framers to create the snap-on aesthetic design.

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