Samsung Investment Report Reveals Company's Extremely High Cost Expenses In Chip Production

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    Technology Technology Mar 16, 2017 11:02 AM EDT


    Samsung investment report shows where the bulk of the company's funds will go, which is none other than chip production. The South Korean tech giant is investing a lot of their resources on the 10nm and 7nm chipset line-ups.

    According to AndroidAuthority, Samsung's production cost will climb as high as 8.5 trillion Won. The Samsung investment report shows that a portion of that amount will go to the 10nm chips that are used in their Exynos 9 processors.

    While the other 6 trillion Won bulk will go to the production of the advanced 7nm chipset. The Samsung investment report details that the 7nm production process will need the usage of advanced EUV (Extreme Ultra Violet) exposure equipment.

    These high-powered equipment don't come cheap as each will cost Samsung about 250 billion Won, which is about 221 million USD per piece. The Samsung investment report shows how committed they are in getting the chips done, as they've already ordered 8 EUV devices.

    Samsung is aiming to produce a whopping 30,000 7nm chipsets on a monthly basis. Their 10nm chipset production will also get a boost, as the company expects to manufacturer 18,000 more chipsets by the second quarter of this year.

    Ambitious is definitely the word for this Samsung investment report. However, they are not stopping there, the company also invested in storage devices such as NAND flash memories and DRAM devices.

    This might just be what Samsung needs, specially after the scandal of the company's heir Lee Jae-Young. Of course, the Samsung investment report shows that it's back to business as usual, for them.

    In fact, some believe that the Samsung leader's bribery scandal won't mar the company's reputation by much. According to Fortune, chances are, people will still buy Samsung Galaxy phones regardless of the scandal. While investors might be more wary of the company from now on, consumers will still buy Samsung products as long as they are on the market. 

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